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Genocide Memorial Complex in Guba city

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2022 has been declared the “Year of Shusha” in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This year marks the 270th anniversary of the city of Shusha.

Genocide Memorial Complex in Guba city

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September 15 - Baku Liberation Day.

Genocide Memorial Complex in Guba city

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One of the prominent statesmen and diplomats of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic - Mammad Khan Tekinsky (1879-1938).

Genocide Memorial Complex in Guba city

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June 26 Day of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

Genocide Memorial Complex in Guba city

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BY EUROPEANA 08.09.2018

International Literacy Day 2018 with Rise of Literacy project

Specimens of Calligraphy, Inglis, Esther; University of Edinburgh, CC BY On September 8, International Literacy Day , established by UNESCO, is celebrated around the world. This year’s theme...
BY EUROPEANA 07.09.2018

Back to school – historic school uniforms in Europeana Collections

If your social media feed is anything like mine, this week it’s been full of photographs of children dressed in school uniforms and big grins, ready for their first days at new schools. Their...
BY EUROPEANA 06.09.2018

The Correspondence of Heloise and Abelard: Love, Friendship and Philosophy in the Middle Ages

The blog is a part of the  Rise of Literacy project , where we take you on an exploration of literacy in Europe thanks to the digital preservation of precious textual works from collections across...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 03.09.2018

Razpis za razstavljanje v Fotografskem muzeju Maribor v letu 2019

Fotografski muzej Maribor, ki ima razstavne prostore na Koroški cesti 19, pripravlja občasni razstavni program za sezono 2019 . Število razstav v tem letu bo največ 10. Čas trajanja posamezne...
BY EUROPEANA 30.08.2018

Travelling texts: information networks of the past

The invention of printing in the middle of the 15th century gave rise to the cross-cultural flow of texts throughout Europe. But complex webs of connections also developed later. The 18 th -century...
BY EUROPEANA 23.08.2018

How primary sources transcend time and transform our connection with history

If you want to know what was it like to live in the Florence of 1400, to discover how the monks of Novacella Monastery begun to produce wine or to trace the development of a public institution,...
BY EUROPEANA 21.08.2018

Migration stories of community – culture that is shared, not diminished

Community is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as: ‘a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common’. But what happens when you don’t have anything in...
BY EUROPEANA 16.08.2018

A Variety of Newspaper Formats

News is news, whether it appears in tabloids, broadsheets, newsbooks or the popular Berliner format. The reader is supposed to focus on the content and not the format. Nonetheless, each format was...
BY EUROPEANA 15.08.2018

Europeana Migration Collection Day – how does it work?

Our collection day events are a great opportunity to share your migration story. Sharing your story, or the story of your family or community, means it is recorded for posterity and preserved along...
BY EUROPEANA 10.08.2018

Silly season or cucumber time – 3 fun cultural activities for the summer

The time of the year, usually in the summer, when not much is happening in the politics is called silly season in English. Due to a lack of newsworthy events to report on during the summer, the...
BY EUROPEANA 09.08.2018

Book Censorship and Banned Books: the Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Did you know that the earliest known list of recommended and banned books dates from about 496? It was issued by Pope Gelasius I . Printed lists of banned books existed since the beginning of the...
BY EUROPEANA 07.08.2018

The Belgian Exodus of World War One

Today, the global refugee crisis is a hot topic, all over the news and debated about in society. What is to be changed about the current situation? Who is supposed to do what and when? It may be...
BY EUROPEANA 02.08.2018

Breastfeeding heritage for World Breastfeeding Week

As long as there have been babies, which is quite a long time, there’s been breastfeeding. This week is World Breastfeeding Week – coordinated by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action....
BY EUROPEANA 01.08.2018

Dracula was from Yorkshire – and other facts for Yorkshire Day

1. Yorkshire is the biggest county in England An annotated version of Map of England & Wales showing population, 1700s.  Wellcome Collection, CC BY Except that strictly speaking, Yorkshire...
BY EUROPEANA 26.07.2018

Text Announcement in Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

Books didn’t always have title pages! The title page only developed gradually over the 15 th and 16 th centuries.  Before that time, different methods were used to announce the author(s), title,...
Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation 10.12.2018

Berthe Morisot: The Technique of Art & the Questions of Life--What's the Relation?

As I studied the work of the renowned French Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot, whom I care for, I was taken by the energy and motion in it, at one with its form and repose. And I was moved to...
BY EUROPEANA 24.07.2018

Moving, breathing, transforming

Three Butterflies by Herman Henstenburgh, c.1683 – c.1726, Rijksmuseum, public domain ‘The universe is transformation, life is opinion.’ Marcus Aurelius, Book IV, Meditations, c. 121–180...
BY EUROPEANA 24.07.2018

Mixed-up mermaids

The Deutsches Historiches Museum  #DHMMeer in Berlin is running a Europe and the sea blog parade from 20-25 July 2018, asking people to share posts on the theme ‘What does the sea mean to...
BY EUROPEANA 19.07.2018

Czechs and Slovaks fighting for independence during World War One

At the end of World War I, the geo-political landscape of Europe changed dramatically. Following the Treaty of Versailles several new nations emerged, among them Finland, Poland, Latvia and...
BY EUROPEANA 29.06.2018

World Cup of Art

Welcome to the World Cup of Art! The matches are between the artworks related to countries playing in the FIFA World Cup, available on Europeana. And you can influence the score by voting for the...