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Musée International d Art Post-Contemporain en Résistance - MIAPCR

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Slovenski šolski muzej v letu 2019

Slovenian School Museum

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Summer at the Museum

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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Kako pripraviti obiskovalce na ogled kulturne ustanove

Slovenian School Museum

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BY EUROPEANA 24.07.2018

Mixed-up mermaids

The Deutsches Historiches Museum  #DHMMeer in Berlin is running a Europe and the sea blog parade from 20-25 July 2018, asking people to share posts on the theme ‘What does the sea mean to...
BY EUROPEANA 19.07.2018

Czechs and Slovaks fighting for independence during World War One

At the end of World War I, the geo-political landscape of Europe changed dramatically. Following the Treaty of Versailles several new nations emerged, among them Finland, Poland, Latvia and...
BY EUROPEANA 29.06.2018

World Cup of Art

Welcome to the World Cup of Art! The matches are between the artworks related to countries playing in the FIFA World Cup, available on Europeana. And you can influence the score by voting for the...
BY EUROPEANA 28.06.2018

Pride in Europeana: Victorian Dragqueens

On the Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the highlight of LGBT+ pride month 2018, we dive into Wellcome Collection’s rich stores of queer heritage and take a look at an album of Victorian-era...
BY EUROPEANA 27.06.2018

A tale of Spanish migration and creating a home abroad

Spanish gastarbeiders De Egge te Brunssum, 1963, Historisch centrum Limburg, CC BY-SA. During the 1970s, Spanish gastarbeiders made up some 35,000 of the workforce in the Netherlands. We spoke to...
BY EUROPEANA 21.06.2018

Mementos of a lost homeland

When we asked people to share their stories and symbolic objects of migration, the responses submitted could be largely separated into two categories: those who emigrated by choice, and those who...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 20.06.2018

Museum for Peace

V okviru Evropskega leta kulturne dediščine je Slovensko predstavništvo Evropske komisije pripravilo opise slovenskih projektov v angleščini za objavo na spletni strani in v mesečnih novicah – tako...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 20.06.2018

60 let z vami - Muzej, to sem jaz

60 let delovanja muzeja je pomembne obletnica. Zaradi tega smo jo proslavili z lokalno skupnostjo ter podelili nagrade našim pomembnim sodelavcem. Ob tem smo odprli tudi razstavo, ki je pregled dela...
Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation 20.06.2018

What Are You Looking for in Love? Robert Indiana’s LOVE

Reprinted from the Journal of the Print World When, in the 1960’s, I first saw Robert Indiana’s LOVE ,   it really took me, as it did people across America — it was the design for the...
BY EUROPEANA 18.06.2018

Tamo daleko (There, far away)

Guest blog written by Fabian & Tatjana Vendrig ( Dutch and Serbian language versions below) “The bread you sent, every Serb took it, they crossed themselves and kissed it and then we all...
BY EUROPEANA 11.06.2018

Love across borders: the royal families

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration. Our new short blog series, Love across borders , is inspired by collections discovered...
BY EUROPEANA 08.06.2018

Austrian Composers in Exile

View through barred windows of the internment building from Ellis Island to the skyscrapers of New York, ca. 1932 (CC0) In Austria, the year 2018 is an opportunity to re-examine the turning points...
BY EUROPEANA 06.06.2018

Reading habits in the past

The shape of the text has influenced how, what and why we read. This is the first blog of the Rise of Literacy project , where we take you from papyri to universities, exploring literacy in Europe...
Museo etnografico Nunzio Bruno 15.06.2018

Mani giovani per antichi mestieri

Patrocinato perchè giudicato meritevole di sostegno dalla Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Italia e Mediterraneo di Roma, ideato e progettato dall’Ass. Museo civico TEMPO, gestito e promosso  dal...
BY EUROPEANA 31.05.2018

Autographs, operas and tubas: Richard Wagner on Europeana

Detail of a caricature of Richard Wagner conducting, Miethke & Wawra, after Gust. Gaul (public domain, The Rijksmuseum) When it comes to the life and works of the influential composer Richard...
BY EUROPEANA 29.05.2018

Love across borders: the tailor and the soldier

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration, following on from our successful Europeana 1914-1918 project. This short blog series, Love...
BY EUROPEANA 23.05.2018

Come to the Europeana Migration Collection Day in Dublin

Throughout 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Europeana, with partner museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe, are running a series of migration collection days. The...
MiM Belluno - Interactive Museum of Migrations 15.05.2018

Il MiM Belluno partecipa alla Giornata internazionale ICOM dedicata ai Musei Iperconnessi

Il Museo interattivo delle Migrazioni è nato come “museo non convenzionale”. Ogni iniziativa “non convenzionale” è quindi sempre molto gradita, soprattutto se punta sui nuovi mezzi di comunicazione...
Slovenian School Museum 21.05.2018

History of education in Slovenia

Gabrič, A. (2009). Sledi šolskega razvoja na Slovenskem, Ljubljana: Pedagoški inštitut, Digitalna knjižnica, Dissertationes 7. Sledi šolskega razvoja na Slovenskem [Tracing the...
BY EUROPEANA 03.05.2018

Love across borders: the German student and the English patriot

We have recently begun collecting personal stories from people all across Europe relating to migration, following on from our successful Europeana 1914-1918 project. Our new short blog series,...