Women from the Past

19th century was transitional epoch in the history of mankind development. New ways of thinking developed in this period, new requirements and necessities appeared among society. One of the important issues discussed by the European society was women rights and gender equality. Georgia was an important part of this process and social figures of Georgian society worked on emerging women in social activities. Georgian women took their part in this process, as well.


Participants of the program get acquainted with the museum exposition and listen a lecture about:

  • Education of Georgian women and their participation in educational activities;
  • Ilia Chavchavadze’s and Olga Guramishvili’s ways of thinking about women rights and women development;
  • 19th century Georgian women, actively engaged in social and cultural life;


The program ends with interaction between lecturer and program participants.


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Women from the Past

19 th century was transitional epoch in the history of mankind development....

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