Institute for protection of cultural monuments, natural rarities and Museum - Prilep

Завод за заштита на спомениците на културата и Музеј - Прилеп

National museum Prilep was and is the holder of numerous scientific research and conservation projects, organizer of many exhibitions and cultural events and a nursery of experts participating in the implementation of various projects in Macedonia, the former Yugoslavia, but also in European countries - especially those who developed the Slavic archeology.

Department of Archaeology was the the foundation of the National Museum - Prilep in 1955, which in 1981 grew into the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Natural Rarities and Museum. In 1960 the department was divided into four parts: Department for prehistory, Department for antiquity, the Department for Numismatics and the Department for Middle Ages.

Department of History was founded in 1948 as a separate unit with a permanent exhibition with the theme of Liberation.

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