Ilia Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum - Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums

Ilia Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum is one of the structural units of the Union of Tbilisi Museums. The museum is dedicated to the life and multifaceted work of the most prominent public figure of the 19th century Georgia, Ilia Chavchavadze. Meanwhile, the museum is dedicated to demonstration of the historic, cultural and social life of the 19th century epoch.

Ilia Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum follows the mission and main aims of the Union of Tbilisi Museums. The mission of the Union is the new role of the museums in contemporary society, which can be described as a synergy of the traditional museum activity and an educational aspect, which focuses on knowledge sharing to each person. We believe that modern museums must expand their vision and must prioritize the visitors together with collection. Museums must have a clear social function, and thus better communicate with visitors.

The Union of Tbilisi Museums aims popularization and presentation of the 19th century culture and epoch context, preservation of cultural heritage, strengthening the functions of the museums and giving them new meanings, dissemination and strengthening of educational directions, involvement into the tourism sector, promoting low-income activities, and strengthening traditional support.

Ilia Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum is placed in one of the most important buildings of Georgian historical heritage with outstanding historical-architectural value. In 2007 building received a status of immovable cultural heritage site of Georgia.

The building was built in 1880. In 1889-1901, when Ilia Chavchavadze lived there, it hosted various institutions - editorial office of the main media of the country – newspaper Iveria, printing house, Medical Cabinet with first X-ray and electrotherapy services in the Caucasus, the Society for Spreading Literacy among Georgians. House hosted the people who worked issues related to women’s rights and women’s access to education.

Rehabilitated museum offers visitors renovated exhibition and memorial spaces, interaction facilities, audio-visual material, recreation area, green cover in the yard.

Museum is fully adapted for people with disabilities - there are two passenger elevators on both sides of the building and three elevators adaptable with stairs to provide access to the entrance, courtyard and educational space.

The Museum has a temporary exhibition space, an independent educational space, a reading room, a co-working space, a museum shop and a museum café. All these social spaces are open to any interested person and not only for visitors of the exhibit, which is also a new practice for Georgian museums. Newly arranged courtyard of the Museum can also host the photo and video shootings.

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Educational programs

Women from the Past


19 th century was transitional epoch in the history of mankind development. New ways of thinking developed in this period, new requirements and necessities appeared among society. One of the...


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