National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Umjetnička galerija Bosne i Hercegovine

Founded in 1946, its main focus is the 20th century art of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A rich collection of the Gallery comprises around 6000 pieces and is divided in several categories: the art of Bosnia and Herzegovina, collection of works from former Yugoslavia, collection of icons, collection of works of a Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler, collection of drawings from Austro-Hungarian period, collection of international modern art. Also, the collection of photographs was established after the aggression.

After aggression and after the building was reconstructed, the exhibition rooms were renovated and enriched with a new Swiss gallery.

Exhibitions and events

Intimacies of Space

Permanent exhibition

Every work of art, unless commissioned, originated from the intimate needs of an artists. Regardless whether it is about a landscape, still life, a scene from the life or any other motif, the artist...

Educational programs

School programme: Roman Petrovic


About „School Programme“ The "School Programme" is a series of smaller exhibitions of the most important artists from our collection. We started this project in 2015 with the aim to enable the...

School Programme


"School programme" is a project initiated by the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. "School programme" focuses on children, teens and young people through various exhibitions, didactic...


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