National Museum Veles

Народен Музеј Велес

The National Museum houses various items found in Veles and the surrounding area during different time periods ranging from the Neolithic until the 20th century. The museum has 3 floors, which exhibit objects based on different time periods. The first floor has a variety of household goods and working tools found in the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, early antiquity, the Roman period and the Renaissance. The second floor has paintings, objects and weapons from the 19th century. The most interesting thing on this floor is a weapon of Ilinden Uprising. On the third floor you can see the rural and urban houses, folk costumes and the like.

The beginnings of the National Museum is in 1946, although a year earlier in Veles a former high school was setup as the first permanent museum exhibition.

National Museum of Veles is now a museum institution of a complex type, consisting of four departments: Archaeology, History, Art History and Ethnology, with a permanent exhibition of all four units on display at the gallery space of 387 square meters.

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