Museum of History Kruševo

Историски Музеј Крушево

Historical Museum Krusevo was established in 1953 with a memorial exhibition, which refers to the Ilinden Uprising and the independent Republic since 1903. The museum has a library fund of 852 books, including the memoirs of Nikola Kirov May. Organized by the Museum's Ethnic and Fair held in Krusevo, during the holiday Ilinden.

Museum includes several locations:

The museum of National Liberation War: It was opened in 1988 and you can find exponents which remind of of the National liberation war from 1941-1945. Starting from the revolutionary traditions from the Ilinden uprising and the Krusevo Republic, the museum follows the revolutionary path of the partisn detached force of "Pitu Guli" through photographs during the war as well as exibiting numerous exponents (original weapons and objects used by the soldiers). One notable exponent is a large fresco, a work of art by the famous painter Borko Lazeski, which expresses the course of the war.

Ilinden Uprising Museum: The museum was founded on 2nd August 1953 on the 50th anneversery of the Ilinden uprising and Krusevo Republic in the ajusted house of the Tomalevski brothers, where the Krusevo Republic was proclaimed in 1903. There have been exibited the most important documents from the foundation of the town and its rebelious spirit, the preparation and the course of the uprising againstthe Turkish empire.

Original photographs have been exibited of the temporary Government - the Council of the Republic and the uprising groups, maps, objects used by Nikola Karev, Pitu Guli, texts, the Krusevo Manifesto, the reaction to the Ilinden uprising and the Krusevo Republic in the foreign media, the ciferblat from the church of St.Nikola which had been set on fire when the uprising was put down. You can find data about the enormous human and material damages which had been done to the town by the Turkish army and bandits.the Turkish empire.

Nikola Martinoski Gallery: It is placed in a Krusevo house, a unique example of an old architecture of the 19 century. Remarkable artistic works by the contemporary macedonian artist Nikola Martinoski (1903-1973) are exposed in this gallery, which the author left as a gift to his native town in 1968.

Ilinden monument: As an honor to those people who were killed during the liberation war for final liberation of Macedonia and Krusevo, as well as to those who died defending the Krusevo Republic in 1903, there is a magnificant monument built as a symbol of bravery. At the place called Gorno Gumenje, at an altitude of 1320 m. there is the monument of the National Liberation war and the Ilinden uprising.

Foundry: This is the place whrere the weapon and munition was made for the uprisers. Inside are the part of the tools what they use and some weapons. 

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