City Art Gallery, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

Activities of the City Art Museum of Ljubljana are carried out in four different places. The Museum is classified as the national regional museum in the field of fine arts and organizes modern and contemporary visual art exhibitions both at home and abroad. It focuses mainly on preparing and performing monographic and group (retrospective, study) exhibitions of Slovenian and foreign authors. Exhibitions organized by the Art Museum transcend the European borders and extend into wider cultural spheres.

The collection first saw the light of day in 1990’s; today it includes 195 original works of 75 Slovenian and 6 foreign artists. The Museum publishes books, magazines and periodicals, brochures, le aflets and catalogues related to organized exhibitions. Moreover, it organizes and hosts professional conferences, lectures, art workshops, fair exhibitions and cultural events that complement its main activities.

Other venues

Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

Vse, kar vidim, počečkam, družinska delavnica


Družine, saj poznate knjige Enci benci na kamenci, Povodni mož, Kekec in Bedanec ter mnoge druge, ki jih je ilustriral uveljavljeni slovenski ilustrator Zvonko Čoh? Žabica Ljuba vabi vse v soboto,...


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