Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Kulturni center Tobačna 001, Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

Tobacco 001 is a new cultural centre that includes an art gallery, a museum collection and an apartment intended for artists in residence. It is the first historical building within Ljubljana’s old Tobacco Factory premises to be renewed. It was opened on 19 March 2011. It is the city’s new focal point for visual and cultural activities situated in a quarter that is increasingly becoming a prime ambient for contemporary multicultural attributes.

The building was erected in 1885 and initially served as auxiliary premises for the Tobačna Ljubljana company. It was first intended as a bathroom for workers and was equipped with showers and bathtubs. In the 1970s, the premises were turned into a factory canteen and in the early 1990s they started to serve as the factory archives. After being renovated, the building was donated by Tobacco Ljubljana and the company IMOS-G, the investor and constructor of the planned residential, commercial, administrative and cultural city quarter, to the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana for its use.

Museum collection
The collection is displayed in movable showcases and designed in a way that allows the space to be rapidly rearranged into a conference hall. The showcases contain photographs, cigarette packs, porcelain pipes, cigarette cases and other smoking accessories. Right at the entrance to the building there is a 3 tonne cigarette-making machine by means of which one of the most recognisable cigarettes of former Yugoslavia was made, Filter 57, the first filter cigarette.

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