St. Sophia Cathedral preserves not only the 11th century masterpieces but also the artistic heritage of the Baroque. Copper gilded entrance door is made by Kyiv masters in the end of the 17th - beginning of the 18th centuries. It is decorated with icons in oval medallions depicting archangels.  Carved in linden gilded Iconostasis was made by Kyiv masters in the middle of the 18th century. Two of its upper tiers were removed during the restoration work of the 19th century in...
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-: Door decor element

-: Copper gilded door

-: Archangel Barachiel

-: Archangel Gabriel

-: Archangel Jegudiel

-: Archangel Michael

-: Archangel Selaphiel

-: Archangel Uriel

-: Iconostasis

-: Temple icon

-: Carved in linden gilded Iconostasis

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