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Galerija Vžigalica, Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

The Vžigalica Gallery has risen from renovation in 2007 to prominence as a venue for varied projects pertaining to contemporary visual, audio-visual, performance and other art practices. So far, the co-operation with non-governmental and other organisations active in the field of culture has yielded results and offered new perspectives on both sides.

During the time of its existence, the Vžigalica Gallery has hosted diverse exhibitions which were either part of larger projects and festivals or independent presentations of major names of world art and young artists, even artists in residence. Apart from that, the Gallery has also been engaged in both domestic and international projects whose production was specially adjusted to the venue.

The Vžigalica Gallery retains its basic concept of a smaller yet extremely flexible art gallery in the very centre of Ljubljana. Its task will remain to encourage various reactions of both culture and art to the idea of urban culture and, at the same time, to contribute to defining this phenomenon.

By making public invitations for projects we aim to encourage the non-governmental sector, artists and other organisations to respond to the phenomena occurring in the urban cultural space in which we live, and to place them in a wider context of contemporary culture and art. The broader context means both an expanded view in the geographical sense, i.e. familiarity with the macrocosmos of international production and the culture of contemporary society at large; as well as the broad-mindedness of the artist’s or curator’s attitude to a certain visual work of art, installation, audio-visual object or performance practice.

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