Spring Carnival

The educational program Spring Carnival is based on the exhibition Robert Elibekian: Reflections

The program is designed for school children of two different age groups: 7-13 and 14 +.

In the first part of the program participants have an exhibition tour and get familiarized with artist Robert Elibekian and his artworks. The details about the artist’s oeuvre will be presented during the tour with interactive Q&A referring not only to Elibekyan’s paintings, but also his stage design. 

The second part of the program will continue at the Creative Hall of CCA. 
- For children of 7-13 ages a Power-point presentation on Elibekyan’s scenographic works and heroes of theatrical performances will be shown prior to the creative process. 
- For elder groups (14 +) the main focus of the presentation will be the stylistic and historical characteristics of the “Tiflis school” of the 1960-1970s and the role of Elibekian’s work in this context.

At the end of the program, participants will create their own pieces - children of 7-13 ages will create decorative hats and masks, while the elder group (aged 14 +) will make face cut-outs of theatrical costumes. 

As part of the initiative, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts has closely worked with the artist Robert Elibekian in developing many creative aspects of the program.

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