Ethnographic Museum of Montenegro

Etnografski muzej Crne Gore

The Ethnographic Museum was founded in 1951. It was located in the Biljarda building until the catastrophic 1979 earthquake, upon which the entire collection of artefacts was transferred to Vladin Dom. In 1987 the Municipality of Cetinje made the building of the former Serbian Embassy over to the National Museum of Montenegro, which was then adapted for the purposes of the Ethnographic Museum.

Until the final set-up of its permanent exhibition, the museum will display its treasures through temporary thematic exhibitions. The currently running exhibition entitled “From Thread to Fabric” provides a general overview of the method used for the production of fabric within traditional textile handicraft. The items on display include the best pieces of clothing and other items for everyday or festive use, textile household items, as well as tools used in the production process. Most of these date from the second half of the nineteenth and the first decades of the twentieth century.

Certain exhibits, particularly embroidery, represent superb achievements of handicraft and are unique and unrepeatable.

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