Historic Museum of Montenegro

Istorijski muzej Crne Gore

The Historical Museum of Montenegro was opened to the public in 1989 and is the youngest unit in the National Museum of Montenegro. Among a variety of reasons that led to its foundation, two are of particular importance: the necessity of establishing a specific institution as an expression of the identity of a free people and state, and, more importantly, the wealth of the Cetinje museum collections. The Historical Museum exhibits in one space what makes the domain of the socio-economic, political and cultural past of the Montenegrin people. The historical period encompassed stretches from the Middle Palaeolithic to the present time, which makes this museum unique not only in the territory of the former Yugoslavia but also outside of it.

The Museum takes up 1400 square metres, with 140 glass showcases and 60 object holders of various dimensions. The central exhibition of the Historical Museum and its essential organization rely upon the following departments: 1) prehistory and the Ancient times, 2) the Middle Ages, 3) the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 4) the creation of the Montenegrin state, 5) the modern Montenegrin state, 6) Montenegro in the period l9l8 - 1941, 7) people’s liberation war and revolution and 8) the development of Montenegro in the post-war era. The periods are linked to each other in terms of space, chronology and visual expression, so that, despite the diversity of artefacts, they make a logical museum whole. The overall museum and archive-library collection (apart from the part of materials given out to the museum for temporary use by other institutions) includes over 1500 museum pieces, around 300 archive items of extremely diverse content, over 1500 photographs, historical maps, graphs, samples of architectural plastic art and other materials.

Text source: http://www.mnmuseum.org/Ist1e.htm
Foto source: http://www.montenegro.com/ic/c5/stories/1024_id.251_13.vladin_dom_3_(2).jpg

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