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Area X 164 Backland

Potterow 74-82

St Patrick Street 3-5. T.146

St John's Hill

53 St Leonard's Hill J94

Area Y. Ref.165. Backland

10 Gifford Park. Ref.160

52-56 Causewayside. Ref.164

Potterow 104-110 Ref132 Area Q.

47-49 North Richmond Street. F.51

Four Storey Tenement with R. Tulloch Fruit and...

22-32 North Richmond Street. F44-46

14-20 Roxburgh Place E26

Flight of stairs between two buildings.

Church, North Richmond Street. F.60. Church North...

Three storey building with a curved side

15-21 North Richmond Street

5 St Johns Hill. A11.

Two storey building in area L

40-48 Holyrood Road. A.1

One storey building leading up to a tenement

18-28 West Richmond Street H87

Detached three storey tenement building

Oakfield Court

Back of a series of buildings

1-3A Richmond Place. F.32-33

76-78 St. Leonards Street. Area L.102-103

Buccleuch Place 19-23-25 Area U148

149-149A St. Leonards Street. Area N.118

94-102 Potterow

42 -44 West Richmond Street. F33

107-115 Pleasance. F70.

98-102 Pleasance. G.82

17-21 Pleasance. C.17

72-78 Causewayside. Ref. 165

77-81 Pleasance. F.75

42-50 Potterow

11 Gifford Park. Ref.153

14-20 Gifford Park. Ref.159

6-10 West Richmond Street H.85.

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