Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum Bitola

Завод за заштита на спомениците на културата и Музеј Битола

The Institute for preservation of monuments of culture, Museum Bitola is a national institution of culture which main goal is the protection, systematization, scientific processing and presentation of the cultural legacy of municipality of Bitola.

This institution activity, program, goals and tasks are performed through the museum departments, protection departments and common service sector.

There are more than 40 employees, 31 of whom are highly qualified professionals. In the framework of the Institute and Museum of Bitola included are the following edifices:

- the Old Barrack,

- Antique locality of Heraclea Lyncestis,

- Art gallery (Yeni Mosque),

- Hajdar Kady Mosque,

- Memorial House of Goce Delcev,

- Memorial House of Stevan Naumov Stiv,

- the Magaza located at “27 March” Street.

Considering the fact that the Institute and Museum of Bitola is a complex facility which in this integrated form acts since 1976 beside the review of the museum activity the review will be given also for the protection activity of the institution.

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