Icon Gallery Ohrid

Галерија на икони Охрид

Neither a summary of the icon painting, nor any anthological exhibition could be imagined without the presence of icons from the Ohrid collection. They are a remarkable and an indivisible segment of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Ohrid, the city where the Slavic literacy and culture have sprouted. Created in the workshops of Constantinople and Salonika, or in the local workshops in Ohrid, these icons have been an inseparable part of the iconostasis in the churches they have been ordered and painted for. Now, they are assembled in one place, the Icon Gallery in Ohrid, and are accessible to the senses of the numerous experts and passers-by.

The museum complex of the Church of St. Mary Perivlepta (St. Clement) is a gallery of Ohrid icons. The collection includes many more icons, but about 30 of them are seen as cutting-edge artworks, which are created in a longer period of XI to the XIX century.

The oldest preserved icons are those of St. Basil the Great and Saint Nicholas and The Forty Holy Martyrs. The first icon in order represents the two bishops. It is estimated that the icon was painted in the first half of XI century, the latter a bit later. What is characteristic of the two icons is the artistic approach that matches the frescoes in the cathedral church of St. Sofia.

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Foto source: http://www.icom-macedonia.org.mk/mk/muzej.php?muzej=18&faidm=14

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