Kote & Soso Tsereteli Memorial House-Museum - Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums

Kote and Soso Tsereteli Memorial House-Museum is one of the structural units of the Union of Tbilisi Museums. The museum is dedicated to the life and work of Georgian Orientalist Kote Tsereteli and his son, artist Soso Tsereteli.

Kote and Soso Tsereteli Memorial House-Museum follows the mission and main aims of the Union of Tbilisi Museums. The mission of the Union is the new role of the museums in contemporary society, which can be described as a synergy of the traditional museum activity and an educational aspect, which focuses on knowledge sharing to each person. We believe that modern museums must expand their vision and must prioritize the visitors together with collection. Museums must have a clear social function, and thus better communicate with visitors.

The Union of Tbilisi Museums aims popularization and presentation of the 19th century culture and epoch context, preservation of cultural heritage, strengthening the functions of the museums and giving them new meanings, dissemination and strengthening of educational directions, involvement into the tourism sector, promoting low-income activities, and strengthening traditional support.


Kote Tsereteli (1921-2004) was famous Georgian Orientalist, founder of Hebrew and Aramic language study school in Georgia. He was the head of the Union of Semitic Studies at the Georgian National Academy of Science, since its foundation. With his initiative, from 1991, the Hebrew-Aramaic philology department was established at Tbilisi State University and it was headed by him, as well. In 1994 Kote Tsereteli became the director of the Oriental Languages Studying Coordination Center at the Ministry of Education.

Kote Tsereteli’s scientific research in Aramaic dialectology gave foundation for the wider research of this direction and made impulse for the development of this sphere worldwide. Important place in his scientific research was given to the Georgian-Orientalist language and cultural-historical relations.

Soso Tsereteli (1958-1983) is known mostly as one of the members of the ``Airplane Boys``. However, fewer people know about his artistic creations. During 25 years of his life, Soso Tsereteli’s strong aspirations for liberty were depicted in his paintings and graphic works.


First resolution about the museum foundation was issued in 2003. In 2011, Soso’s mother Leila Tsereteli gave her estate to the government gratuitously.

Kote Tsereteli received the apartment on #2 Uznadze str, Tbilisi, in 1959, with the mediation of the Georgian National Academy of Science. Since then the Tsereteli family lived in this apartment. Museum exponents were private belongings of the family.

Museum houses materials related to life and work of Kote and Soso Tsereteli: memorial items, private archive, books, manuscripts, photos, documents, Soso Tsereteli’s artworks, Kote Tsereteli’s library, rare publications and his works.


Since 2018, rehabilitation works were carried out in the museum. Renovated museum was opened on May 18th, 2019, during the week dedicated to the International Museum Day. According to the concept of the museum, its space tries to revive the 80ies epoch of 20th century and show the socio-moralistic atmosphere that preceded to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The renovated space of the museum is divided in to parts, first - dedicated to the scientific and social activities of Kote Tsereteli and second - dedicated to his son’s Sosos Tsereteli’s art.

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