Numismatic Museum of the National Bank of Macedonia

Нумизматички Музеј Скопје

Numismatic collection in the National Bank is the first specialized collection in Macedonia, with about 20,000 copies of coins, medals, eksagii and modern banknotes. Collection itself is divided into several sections, including:

- Paionian coins (coins Paionian tribal communities and Paionian rulers);

- Greek, Thracian, Illyrian and Celtic coins (coins of Greek cities and colonies, Thracian, Illyrian and Celtic coins);

- Macedonian coins (coins of Macedonian towns and Macedonian rulers);

- Roman coins (Roman republican and imperial coins);

- medieval coins (Byzantine, Bulgarian, Venetian, Serbian coins and coins of the independent feudal lords in Macedonia);

- modern coins and banknotes (Turkish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Austrian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, etc..)

- medals (medals and kontornijati);

- eksagii.

The history of this collection begins in 1999. In fact, guided by the idea that most central banks around the world care about their own cultural heritage and have their own collections of coins, medals, prints, paintings, sculptures and so on., The then Central Bank Governor, Dr. Ljube Trpeski initiated the formation of a numismatic collection the central bank. As a result of systematic purchase and donations, the collection has grown into the largest public numismatic collection in the country. One part of it is presented within the chamber and another portion within the museum setting.

After nearly two years from the time when it was formed as a result of systematic purchase and donations of citizens, the collection was considerably enriched after that create opportunity for its presentation to the public. Intensive preparations for the museum exposition lasted one year and April 25, 2002, marking the tenth anniversary of monetary independence of the Republic, at the Bank opened its permanent numismatic exhibition "Macedonia, money and history, accompanied by the appropriate catalog of samples exposed .

The museum exposition of the National Bank of the Republic. Macedonia is given a chronological overview of coins circulated, and which were forged in the territory of the Republic. Macedonia VI / V century BC. BC till today. Exposure is located on the ground floor of the building of the National Bank of the Republic. Macedonia.

On July 26, 1999, the People's Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, in collaboration with the Museum of Macedonia and Numizmatichkoto Company Pajonon ", opened its first exhibition of coins chamber, located in the Office of the Governor of the Bank, and titled" numismatic collection of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia ". Within this setting were exposed to 235 coins, arranged chronologically in six cabinets and published in the accompanying catalog. In December 2002 this box has been redesigned and updated with numismatic material purchased in 2002.

The cabinets are represented eight thematic areas:

- Leave uncovered on the territory of the Republic;

- Paeonia and Macedonia;

- Roman denars;

- Kovnicata in Stoby;

- Late Roman monetokovanje;

- Byzantine emperors;

- Medieval coins;

- Contemporary jubilee coins.

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