L. TRUIKYS AND M. RAKAUSKAITĖ HOUSE - MUSEUM (closed for renovation)

The Memorial Museum was opened in 1994 to honour the 90th anniversary of the birth of the artist and scenographer Liudas Truikys (1904-1987). In this studio–flat he lived with his beloved opera singer Marijona Rakauskaitė (1892-1975). This house was built in the interwar period, where the couple of artists settled later during the war, looking for a more peaceful and remote place. Until this day, everything remained the same in this house, authentically restored according to pictures and stories.

Truikys was an exceptional scenographer who shared his knowledge with his students at the Art Institute. The creative legacy of L. Truikys: paintings, scenography and costumes, church art sketches and Orienal Art (sculptures, Persian carpets, Chinese Vases, incense burners), as well as collections of Lithuanian folk sculptures. Here you can find Marijona Rakauskaitė accessories, cosmetics, stage and casual wear. In the part, which is dedicated to servants, you can find the details of authentic interwar interior.

The house is surrounded by greenery, with a beautiful panorama of Kaunas. This home is a place of respect for different cultures and music, which often awaits everyone, who wants to get deeper into the worldview of these artists, to feel the interwar spirit of those, who believe that the “music shouldn’t be listened with these cabbage leaves (Truikys usually touched his ears by saying this), but by this apparatus (he touched his heart by a hand)”.

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