The museum was opened on November 18, 2001 to honour the 120th anniversary of the birth of the sculptor J. Zikaras (1881-1944). He built this house in 1933 and lived in it with his family - his wife Anelė Tubelytė-Zikarienė (1888-1963), and their 4 children.

J. Zikaras was not only a great sculptor, but also a teacher at the School of Art, the only one without a nickname. He graduated sculpture in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and saw that talent is opened only through diligence. Later he said to his students: "It is impossible to give you a talent, but I have to learn you to work".

The four residential rooms of the museum consist of the living room, A. Zikarienė room, the dining room and J. Zikaras work room. Furniture from that period is shown in the living room. The studio downstairs consists of three rooms. The sculptures and their shapes, made by J. Zikaras, are displayed in the first room, together with examples of coins, made during the interwar period. A model of the “Liberty” sculpture, some busts and reliefs of the well known Lithuanians are exhibited in third room. One of the most beautiful views of Kaunas Old Town opens from terrace.

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