Miguel N. Lira Biography

The museum discourse is supported by information modules on various topics of the Miguel N. Lira´s biography, its historical and cultural context of his work. This tour is enhanced and complemented by a series of electronic devices where you can see pictures and videos as well as listen fragments to interpret the poet's voice and some of the characters that live in his writing. Also, through videos general aspects of the literary, film and literary publishing work, which give recognition to Miguel N. Lira at local, national and international level are shown.


Room 1 - From birth, his first books until his death. Some personal items and school banking where he wrote his first poem.

Room 2 - His high school education, where he met Frida Kahlo – His great friend- and the gang called "Los cachuchas” (the caps); his life in Mexico City, his first job, his first publications; his plays and children's drama.

Room 3 - His novels of manners (traditions and customs) and his poem "México Pregón".

Room 4 - The movies shot whit the arguments of three of his novels. The most important: La Escondida.

Room 5 – His “corridos” (Literary and musical genre, which usually talks about the life and exploits of a character) and its relationship to his contemporaries.

Room 6 - His printing: printing processes and the various authors who published them: Octavio Paz, Xavier Villaurrutia, Efraín Huerta and others.



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