Museu Miguel N. Lira

Exhibits an important collection objects of personal and family life of the poet; his first poems, some publications of the great literary corpus that forming his legacy as a writer of poetry, drama and novel; correspondence with friends, colleagues and important cultural figures; drawings, photographs and their own profession as a lawyer, writer and editor objects.

The tour is a fertile meeting with his poetic, dramatic and novelistic work. But also to discover the writer of "corridos" and children's stories, journalist and publisher of print culture, the professional edition and jurisprudence.

During his high school education, where he met Frida Kahlo – His great friend- and the gang called "Los cachuchas” (the caps).  Because of this friendship in Tlaxcala is a collection of seven paintings from the initial stage of Frida, including the portrait she painted of him; besides letters, objects and photographs showing his close relationship.

In his press, Miguel N. Lira edited the first book of the famous writer and mexican thinker Octavio Paz; he also edited books of other important writers of his time as Alfonso Reyes, Xavier Villaurrutia and Efrain Huerta, among others.

This museum, dedicated to his legacy, history and national and international recognition, proposes a new look to deepen his life and work with an unprecedented approach that includes the testimony of his contemporaries who admired him and those who today revalued his work from a new museum reading.

Miguel N. Lira Alvarez, tireless warrior of letters, whose biography joins - as in the lives of great men - also part of the history of mexican literature


Exhibitions and events

Miguel N. Lira Biography

Permanent exhibition

The museum discourse is supported by information modules on various topics of the Miguel N. Lira´s biography, its historical and cultural context of his work. This tour is enhanced and complemented...

Educational programs

"1, 2, 3, Rin, Rin, otra vez. Museo Miguel N. Lira


The objective is to promote Miguel N. Lira Museum as a learning space and recreation; Artistic activities that complement the knowledge about the biography of Miguel N. Lira and their own...


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