A Walk Through Time in Georgia

Fernbank's signature exhibition, A Walk Through Time in Georgia, tells the two-fold story of Georgia's natural history and the development of our planet. Sixteen galleries combine with theaters and dioramas to explain this complex and fascinating story.

Explore modern Georgia in a series of realistic dioramas that capture the sights and sounds of the state's main geographic regions. Your journey begins in the Piedmont, the region in Georgia with the oldest rocks, and ends at the Coast and Barrier Islands, Georgia's youngest region. Along the way, you will encounter an amazing array of animals and plants and learn more about the geographical regions these creatures call home.

Accompanying the modern dioramas are galleries and theaters that help to explain the chronological development of the Earth. Where appropriate, Georgia's geological and fossil record is used to explain how we know what Georgia looked like in the past. By the end of the exhibition, you will have seen how transformations over millions of years have shaped the environment surrounding you today. Some of the highlights include a walk-through cave in the Ridge and Valley diorama, towering dinosaurs in the Ruling Dinosaurs Gallery and a peek beneath the ocean's surface in the Gray's Reef diorama.

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