Museum of Western Macedonia in the War of National Liberation

Музеј на Западна Македонија во НОБ Кичево

The official opening of the Museum of Kicevo October 11, 1980 opened up great opportunities for the development of cultural heritage and its protection as part of the Macedonian and European cultural heritage.

The building which housed the Museum is dated 1892, and is of particular importance because in Text NOV stayed here the Headquarters of NOV. Permanent exhibition at the Museum shows us the struggle of the Macedonian people for freedom in the 19th and 20th centuries, through the documents consisting of authentic materials, objects, photographs, sketches, maps flags, models, texts. It should be mentioned that frescoes and mosaics are present in most of the museum.

Besides the historical part, the museum is in a constant search for archaeological objects. For that purpose the museum made more archaeological excavations. Some sites worth mentioning are Knezhinski sites Monastery Miokazi and Karbunica. The site Knezhinski monastery is a currently ongoing archeological dig where they found zidini, jewelry, and open graves.

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