From the pen of our historians: a look at the genocides committed by the Armenian Dashnaks against the Azerbaijanis in 1918 #genocide

Solmaz Rustamova-Tohidi: The most painful, bloodiest, most tragic moment in the history of the twentieth century is the beginning of a series of events in which the existence of our people and territories was under serious danger. Taking advantage of the historical conditions for independence after the collapse of the Russian Empire, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia declared their independence. However, from the first days of independence, Armenia began to make territorial claims against neighboring republics, especially Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Armenian Dashnaks and terrorist organizations, together with the Bolsheviks, committed bloody massacres in Baku and other regions, killing thousands of innocent people in order to shake the strong social base of Azerbaijanis. In those days, the property of Azerbaijanis was looted in the amount of 400 million rubles. Mass looting led to famine and the spread of various diseases among the Muslim population of Baku. Only after the liberation of Baku by the Caucasian Islamic Army in September 1918, the Azerbaijanis escaped the danger.

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