106th anniversary of the 1918 genocide of Azerbaijanis,

In commemoration of the 106th anniversary of the 1918 genocide of Azerbaijanis, employees from various organizations and institutions across the republic, alongside teachers, students, and pupils from general educational institutions, visit the Genocide Memorial Complex.

On March 30 and April 3, 1918, Baku Soviet and Dashnak Armenian armed forces brutally massacred Azerbaijani people in Baku city and various regions of Baku province, as well as in Shamakhi, Guba, Khachmaz, Lankaran, Hajigabul, Salyan, Zangazur, Karabakh, Nakhchivan and other areas. According to official sources, about 12 thousand Azerbaijani people in Baku were brutally killed and tens of thousands went missing as a result of this genocide

The materials of the Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry of the Government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed in 1918-1920, show that about 8 thousand civilians were killed in Shamakhi in March-April. 1918. Most of the cultural monuments, including the Shamakhi Juma Mosque, were burned and destroyed.

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