Initial deportation of Azerbaijanis. (1801-1807)

Initial deportation of Azerbaijanis. (1801-1807)
The first period of exile of Azerbaijani Turks from Western Azerbaijan - the territory of present-day Armenia - began in 1801 with the annexation of Eastern Georgia by Russia and the subsequent capture of Shamshadil and Loru-Pambak regions by the Russians.
On July 13, 1801, Major-General Lazerev sent a report to the commander of the Caucasian troops, Knorring, stating that about 5,000 to 6,000 Turks from 14 villages in Pambak province had left the region and taken refuge in the territory of the Iravan Khanate. Later, some Turks of Pambak province revolted because they did not want to submit to Russia, and in July 1804, under the auspices of Pambak beys Rahim bey and Said bey, they fled the region and took refuge in Kars pasha. Prince Sisianov repeatedly appealed to Kars Pasha Mammad Pasha to return them.
In the spring of 1804, 2,000 Armenians secretly fled from the territory of the Iravan Khanate,came under the protection of the Russians and settled in the Loru-Pembek region. That same year, Russian troops entered Shorayel. On October 20, 1805, Shorayel Sultan Budag and Prince Sisianov signed a document in Ganja on Shorayel's permanent subordination to Russia. After that, the period of exile of the Turks living in the area began. Part of the population of Garagapagh branch of Shorayel villageg left their lands as a result of the Russo-Turkish war of 1807 and found refuge in the territories of Iravan khanate and Kars pashalyk…
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