School visits

The Thackray Medical Museum opens its doors to 20,000 school students every year, and reaches out to many more through our in-classroom work, educational resources, loans boxes, and teacher events.

We’re committed to working with schools to enhance knowledge and learning about the history of medicine and related subjects. Our education programme is carefully designed to complement and support the national curriculum as well as teaching plans and examination requirements.

The museum has been awarded the Sandford Award for Heritage Education for a number of years. This is an independently judged, quality assured assessment of education programmes at heritage sites, museums, archives and collections across the British Isles.

We aim to make learning exciting, enjoyable and inspiring. Students can explore our recreation of a Victorian street to experience  the grim reality of life in the 19th century with all its squalor, smells and attendant health problems, or join Florence Nightingale as she travels to the Crimea and discovers the terrible conditions in wartime hospital wards.

Students can also enjoy a range of other interactive learning experiences at the Thackray Medical Museum, including the surgery-related Fantastic Plastic gallery, and our popular Life Zone! where children can find out how their bodies work and follow the journey of a pea through the digestive system.

We offer:

  1. School visits and workshops

  2. Educational resource packs to help teachers plan their visit

  3. Outreach: in-classroom talks and presentations on request

  4. Loans boxes and object loan for classroom use

  5. Teacher events

Accessible and inclusive

The Thackray Medical Museum welcomes educational groups and individuals of all abilities and needs, and groups of all sizes.  We want to make sure that you and your group get the most out of your visit. Please do feel free to give us a call if you would like to talk through any additional or special needs that you may have during your visit, and especially if you may like us to adapt one of our sessions.

Support dogs are welcome and we have a small number of wheelchairs for free loan on request.

Please call 0113 244 4343 or email us to find out more.

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Activities from this museum

School visits

The Thackray Medical Museum opens its doors to 20,000 school students every...

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