pipe smoking course

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum organises on a regular basis evenings for pipe smokers, beginners as well as advanced smokers. These evenings are meant to learn and discuss the various aspects of pipe smoking such as packing the pipe, choices in pipe shapes, different types of tobacco, making melanges. handling and smoking a pipe.

Important to all this is to learn how to get a maximum of joy from pipe smoking as a taste experience. Apart from an introduction into the pleasures of pipe smoking, information on the cultural background of pipe smoking will bring a certain proudness to all the smokers in filling in their hobby.

The program is lead by Benedict Goes, a reknowned expert in pipes, confrère maître pipier of Saint-Claude and member of different prestigeous smoke groups. He knows how to answer every imaginable question on the subject.

Relaxing with a pipe allows one to sit back in one’s arm chair and contemplate transcendental and universal truths, as Schopenhauer would say. In the old days, the practicalities of pipe smoking was thaught by your father or older brother. In an era of smoking fascism and political correctness and conformity to the pre-established norm, learning to smoke a pipe is a lot different and initiation a matter of individual expression of the, what might be called, Nietzchean l'esprit libre.

The choice of the pipe and the tobacco, the techniques of smoking and the care of the pipe are not so evident as many people believe. For this reason the Amsterdam Pipe Museum organizes regularly meetings for candidate pipesmokers and those who like to learn more about the subject.

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pipe smoking course

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum organises on a regular basis evenings for pipe...

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