Museum of Marko Miljanov at Madun

Muzej Marka Miljanova na Medunu

Some dozen kilometres away from Podgorica there is the ancient town of Medun (Meteon), the seat of the Illyrian tribe Labeatae, established in 4th century BC. At the foot of Medun’s acropolis there is a house where Marko Miljanov Popović, a distinguished Montenegrin hero and author, lived. In 1971 it was turned into a Memorial Museum, dedicated to this important historic figure. The building was adapted in 1979. The authentic exterior of the building was preserved, while the interior was adapted for the museum display. The Memorial Museum of Marko Miljanov contains three segments: the historic, the ethnographic and the literary ones. The historic section depicts most significant events from the heroic life of Marko Miljanov, an eminent warrior and tribal leader, illustrated by personal belongings: costumes, weapons, photographs, documents, etc. The ethnographic part of the display contains some household items, costumes, ornaments and the items in daily use, highlighting the features of ordinary people’s lives. The literary section of the Museum highlights the literary activity of Marko Miljanov. The collection holds manuscripts, oldest editions of his works and his rich correspondence with his contemporaries. As a part of the collection, there are also some personal items of this renowned Montenegrin. The Museum also holds a library with over 6,000 titles.

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