AMOA-Downtown in Downtown Austin offers exhibitions and seminars that the museum claims are oriented towards the interests of a broad general audience. The gallery serves as the Museum's primary exhibition site and presents four to six exhibitions a year[3], as well as continually-changing education programs that focus on twentieth-century and contemporary art.

AMOA-Downtown organizes its own exhibitions and presents traveling exhibitions that feature painting, photography, video, and sculpture. The Museum also presents a variety of interdisciplinary and hands-on public education programs for schoolchildren, families, and adults. A goal of AMOA-Downtown is to emphasize connections between the visual arts and other art forms and contemporary life. Opportunities to respond to the exhibition include accompanying talks, performances, guided tours, film series, hands-on community activities, and the FamilyLab which was launched in 2006 as a place for families to create art together. AMOA-Downtown also features the Community Room, a place for activities, and private functions with gallery access.

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