AMOA-Laguna Gloria

The Museum still maintains its original home on the Clara Driscoll estate, where it was known for 34 years as Laguna Gloria Art Museum. AMOA-Laguna Gloria runs the Museum's Art School which offers a variety of classes in art, art history, and film. Once owned by Stephen F. Austin, the Laguna Gloria site has been declared a national treasure and is on city, state, and national registries of historic places. Stephen F. Austin described the property as being "on the Colorado at the foot of the mountains" and wrote in 1832 that he intended to build a home for himself on it; however, this never came to pass. Visitors can tour the recently-restored 1916 Italianate-style villa that was the home of Texas legend Clara Driscoll and view art exhibitions. The site includes 12-acre (49,000 m2) grounds overlooking Lake Austin, sculpture, and historic gardens. It is also home to The Art School, one of the largest museum-affiliated schools in the nation, where classes are taught year-round to adults and children.

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