Mexic-Arte Museum

Mexic-Arte Museum is a fine arts museum in Austin, Texas founded in 1983 by Sylvia Orozco of Cuero, Texas and Pio Pulido of Mexico. The Museum was begun to educate and promote traditional and contemporary Mexican and Latino art throughout the state of Texas by providing cultural programs.

Mexic-Arte obtained its non-profit status during the 1984 season and continues to present multimedia works by established and emerging artists from the United States, Mexico and Latin America. Since its founding in 1984, Mexic-Arte Museum has emerged as the official Mexican and Mexican-American fine art Museum of Texas. To expand its programs and exhibits, Mexic-Arte Museum moved into its current downtown Austin home at 419 Congress Avenue in 1988.

In 1997, the Museum opened its back gallery for a series titled The Diversity and Emergence Series. The series provides exhibition space for new talent not seen in Austin and supports and presents new and experimental artwork by providing an open environment for the development of artists. The program is open to artists whose work deals with historical, social, literary and/or personal experiences and interpretations regarding Latin America.

The Mexic-Arte Museum contributes to cultural enrichment and improves the quality of life in Texas through exhibitions and educational programming. A total of 75,000 visitors, ranging from enthusiastic children to art connoisseurs, tour the Museum each year. Mexic-Arte Museum's main gallery exhibits traveling and curated exhibitions of traditional and contemporary art from Mexico and other Latin American countries as well as national, local and regional Chicano and Latino artists. Many shows in the main gallery are curated by founder Sylvia Orozco who is still in position as the organization's Executive Director.

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