Novalja Municipal Museum

Gradski muzej Novalja

The City Museum of Novalja is a central cultural institution in Novalja, according to its activities and contents. Apart from its abundant ethnographic collection and the exhibits of the well and less well-known Croatian artists of various artistic expression, the Museum is especially known after the so called Talijanova buža, i.e. 1050 m long antique underground aqueduct, the entrance of which is in the Museum and the exit in the field of Novalja.

Museum fund is constantly enriched with findings from the Caska archeological locality research.

The main mission of the Museum is to acquaint local population and visitors from other areas with abundant archeological and other history of Novalja region, through collection, preservation, processing and presentation of the archives.

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Exhibitions and events

Maritime collection

Permanent exhibition

In the collection we can point out the set of cooking utensils from the sunk merchant ship from the 1st century B.C., which was found in the Vlaška mala bay. Ceramic pot for cooking, plate for...

Ethnographical collection

Permanent exhibition

The collection is set up in the form of a replica of one Novalja home from the beginning, i.e. middle of the past century. Visitors first meet the dolls of householders dressed in national costumes,...

Educational programs

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