Maribor Museum of National Liberation

Muzej narodne osvoboditve Maribor

The Museum of National Liberation of Maribor has been functioning as an autonomous museum since 1958. It is a historical museum dealing primarily with museological and historiographical analyses of the recent history of the North-Eastern parts of Slovenia.

The Museum is located in a town villa that was built by a Maribor entrepreneur Scherbaum in the middle of 1890’s. It contains not only extremely diverse and interesting museum collections, but also a rich photo library and archive. Visitors may walk through the Scherbaum villa and admire its neo-Baroque salon. The Museum is also planning on complementing the permanent exhibition with an exhibition of important people whose contribution was essential for shaping the history of Maribor and its surroundings.

The new collection will present the major turning points of the 20th century – First and Second World War, Independence War, lives of local inhabitants, misery of simple people whose lives, though residing in the same city, were totally different from those of the wealthier classes.

Exhibitions and events

Shhh! Maribor 1941-1945

Permanent exhibition

Shhh! Due to the secret nature of this data, we cannot disclose everything in this invitation, so we'd like you to join us at the opening of our permanent exhibition.

»Na desni ga, na levi ni – pred nami svetli cilj leži«

Permanent exhibition

Razstava prikazuje predvsem boj za slovensko severno mejo na Štajerskem in vzhodnem Koroškem, na ozemlju, ki je bilo konec leta 1918 v Štajerskem obmejnem poveljstvu. Atentat na...

A Monument to Maribor's Industry - Industrial Maribor in the 20'th Century

Permanent exhibition

Along with its favourable geographical position and advantageous conditions also its electrification contributed to the industrial boom of Maribor and northeastern Slovenia. Namely, the first...

Scherbaumov salon

Permanent exhibition

Novembra 2007 je bilo v Muzeju narodne osvoboditve Maribor odprtje Scherbaumovega salona, prve sobe nove stalne razstave. Scherbaumov salon je posvečen družini Scherbaum. Prav oni so zgradili stavbo...

Maribor is ours!

Permanent exhibition

After the formation of Yugoslavia, Maribor became an important border city, representing Yugoslavia’s north-western gate into the world. The city became the transport route connecting the Alps and...

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Educational programs

Dišijo praznične dobrote


Na delavnicah predstavljamo del kulturne dediščine, ki se skozi stoletja ohranja ob božičnih praznikih. Predstavili bomo obloženo praznično mizo in jedli z recepti naših babic. Po ogledu razstave z...



128 objects


122 objects


57 objects
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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

19. junija 2017 se je v Stalagu XVIIID odvijal sestanek mešanega rusko-sloveskega odbora za odprtje novega muzeja. Arhitekta Mateja Katrašnik in Tomaž Kancler...


American ambassador visited our museum

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

American ambassador mr. Brent Hartley and Phil Beekman, Public Affairs Officers visited our museum. Director of the museum dr. Aleksandra Berberih-Slana and...


A visit from U.S.A.

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

On April 21st colleagues dr. Brent Glass and mrs. Gretchen Bulova visited our museum. They were invited to Slovenia by the Slovenian Museum Association in...



Maribor Museum of National Liberation

We are looking for migrants and refugees, people who in the last decades came, and made a home for themselves in Maribor. We want to share your stories and...


FENCES IN HEADS - Meeting Samira Kentrić

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

About her life, her migrant parents, how did this heritage affect her life and art, the influence of the war in Bosnia on her youth and her perception of the...

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