Maribor is free

Permanent exhibition

From the majority of locations in North-east Slovenia, the German army withdrew on 8 or 9 March 1945. There was no direct fighting for Maribor. It was liberated within the final operations for the...

History of Photography

Permanent exhibition

From the very beginning, humankind has had the desire to prove themselves and to understand the world surrounding them. Certainly there were moments when people wished to capture a moment in an...


Temporary exhibition until 01.09.2018

70 years since Factory of Automobiles was opened and the its story is still interesting. Together with TAM Europe we are preparing an exhibiton of their vehicles through 70 years.

Ranjeni in bolni

Temporary exhibition until 01.10.2018

Ranjeni in bolni partizani so bili med NOB deležni velike pozornosti. Skrb zanje se je v Sloveniji začela že takoj po oboroženi vstaji. Začetki partizanske sanitete segajo v avgust 1941, ko je bil...

Wounded and sick

Event on 30.11.2017 18:00

In the area of the Fourth Operational Zone, the development of partisan medical services went hand-in-hand with the development of the liberation struggle as well as military and political...