City Gallery Collegium Artisticum

Gradska galerija Collegium Artisticum

Named after a progressive artistic movement of late 1940s, the city gallery Collegium Artisticum had been founded in 1975 as the gallery of three Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Art Associations – Association of Artists (ULUBIH), Association of Applied Arts and Design (ULUPUBIH) and Association of Architects (AABIH).

Wishing to have a dynamic cultural programme, the gallery is open to all ideas that encourage spiritual and cultural development of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the years, Collegium Artisticum organized an impressive number of artistic, music, literature and other events. Collegium Artisticum also organized and carried out some of the most significant artistic projects of the former Yugoslavia including “Art and Critics in 80s”, “Yugoslav Documents 1987” and “Yugoslav Documents 1989.”

Collegium Artisticum worked throughout the 1992-95 war, hoping to find ways to ensure continuity of artistic events in times of destruction and degradation of all spiritual values. Important exhibitions from that period include exhibition of war photography by Milomir Kovacevic Strasni, exhibition of paintings and graphics by Enrico Bay and Herve Di Rosa, exhibition of posters “Greetings from Sarajevo” by Trio, solo exhibition by Affan Ramic etc. Since 1995, we continued with our efforts to achieve rich dynamics of cultural events.

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