Museums and Galleries of Podgorica

Muzeji i galerije Podgorice

The Museum of Podgorica was established in 1950, at first as a collection centre, and as of 1961, it started operating as a Homeland Museum. By merging with the Gallery of Modern Arts and the Risto Stijović Gallery, as of 1974 this institution has come to be known as Museums and Galleries of Titograd, today Podgorica.

It has very rich holdings convincingly speaking of important historic processes, cultural achievements and traditional values of this area. The diversity of museum items enabled the classification of the display into four thematic units, providing a meaningful and complex museum impression of the multi-millennium existence of Podgorica.

Through the museum items, archive materials, photographs and other items from the oldest times until the present day, the display highlights the most important periods, events and personalities in the history of Podgorica. Following the displayed archaeological material, in particular the items depicting the period between the 3rd and 6th century, the historic continuity and cultural prosperity of this area may be seen, which is crowned by the Roman municipium Doclea. The museum items from the site of Doclea undoubtedly show that at the turn of the eras, a culture worthy of the most developed civilisations of the time flourished here.

The cultural and historic processes from early 16th to early 20th century are presented with icons and other sacral items, manuscript and printed books of Orthodox and Islamic provenience, ornaments and items in daily use.

The items related to the life and work of the printer Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin are displayed as a separate unit.

The ethnographic material of three confessions, Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim, from early 18th to early 20th century, is exhibited. These items illustrate the culture of housing, folk costumes, ornaments, weapons and other items in daily use with prominent artistic traits, but by unknown authors.

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