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Celjski baročni orglarski mojster Janez Frančišek Janeček

Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum

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#AllezLiterature – celebrate the power of poetry


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Graphic Inspiration: Nature and Folk Art in Hungarian Art Nouveau


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Slovak painting in the era of Art Nouveau


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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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BY Culture24 20.07.2016

Object of the Week: A crumpled glimmer of medieval gold discovered in a field in Wales

A wealth of treasures have been declared by Her Majesty's Coroner in Wales – including important early medieval gold © National Museum of Wales Karina Kucharski, the County Archaeologist for...
BY EUROPEANA 19.07.2016

Art FACES – a new educational game for children

A couple of months ago Europeana organized the Europeana Labs Challenge Fabruary 2016 to try to increase innovative re-use of the digital cultural heritage material available on our website. ...
BY Culture24 16.07.2016

Festival of Archaeology 2016: Eleven events bringing our archaeology to life

It's Festival of Archaeology time with hundreds of events nationwide. Here's a starter for ten (plus one) of events happening across the UK Dig Rothley! Saturday July 23 2016 - Sunday July 24 2016...
BY Culture24 27.07.2016

Grave Encounters: The UK's best heritage cemeteries and graveyards

Despite their macabre nature, cemeteries and graveyards offer a wealth of incredible architecture and captivating stories. Britain holds some of the oldest, and most spectacular in the world and are...
BY Culture24 14.07.2016

“You always find the best stuff on the last day”: Unearthing a medieval tile floor at Westgate Oxford

Archaeologist Ben Ford from Oxford Archaeology on a discovery during the Westgate excavation, which won the Best Archeological Project category at the British Archaeological Awards 2016 The 13th...
BY Culture24 11.07.2016

"Archaeology is pure pleasure": "Britain's Pompeii" and mesolithic pendant among victors at British Archaeological Awards 2016

The British Archaeological Awards have honoured some of the best stories to have come out of Britain's history. Archaeology may be "pure pleasure", but these winners have worked hard The thrilling...
BY Culture24 08.07.2016

A human jawbone with teeth has been found placed in a massive whalebone vertebra at a prehistoric cairn in Orkney

Prehistoric Scots put the human jawbone inside a whalebone in a “ritual of foundation or abandonment” This photo shows the burial assemblage of red deer antlers (top left), carved whalebone...
BY Culture24 10.07.2016

This belt buckle was found in the simple grave of a Roman soldier in Leicester

The belt worn by a Roman man in Leicester shows he could have been an authority figure or a member of the elite This belt buckle found in Leicester is decorated with dolphin heads © University of...
BY Culture24 11.07.2016

This is what the community used to look like on a tiny archipelago in the Inner Hebrides

On the most westerly point of mainland Scotland, a group of four islands – the Small Isles – have a population of 200 today Grubbing cabbages by traditional farming methods on The Small Isles in the...
BY EUROPEANA 07.07.2016

#BigArtRide: exploring art, cycling and a virtual city

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen intriguing pictures of people on a bike wearing a VR headset. This was our #BigArtRide, an interactive experience mixing art, virtual reality and...
BY Culture24 07.07.2016

Terry's Chocolate Apple and Rowntree's in the trenches: York and Australia linked by Chocolate Story

The Chocolate Oranges being eaten on World Chocolate Day earned their popularity by fending off the dinner table challenge of the Chocolate Apple © Visit York, visityork.org The sweetest teeth in...
BY Culture24 06.07.2016

Object of the Week: The First World War Mark IV tank used in Steven Spielberg's War Horse

The Mark IV tank - a cameo star of Steven Spielberg's War Horse - has travelled to France for the Somme commemorations © Tank Museum The Tank Museum’s incredible collection of original First World...
BY Culture24 06.07.2016

This is the 17th century pistol of the Baron who escaped the Civil War by dressing as a woman but was caught after asking for a shave

The 1st Baron Delamer had quite a life, including a spell imprisoned in the Tower of London and an ambassadorial role with Charles II. His pistol is a beauty Glyn Hughes, of the National Civil War...
BY Culture24 05.07.2016

Barnsley arts centre says town's "Pound Shop of the North" tag is great - and calls on residents to send in objects

What are the everyday objects of the town of Barnsley? A new exhibition aims to spark a few ideas Last year, a now-defunct tourist board account, Visit Barnsley, tweeted the charms of the South...
BY EUROPEANA 04.07.2016

Confessions of the last zournas-player in northern Greece

This blog post was first released on the Europeana Sounds website . During the field-research carried out in the prefecture of Evros in 1996 for the “Thrace” programme of the Music Library of...
BY Culture24 05.07.2016

British Archaeological Awards 2016: Winners to be announced on July 11

The British Archaeological Awards announces winners across five major categories at the British Museum on July 11 The British Archaeological Awards will be announced at The British Museum on July 11...
BY Culture24 29.06.2016

Object of the Week: A 5,000-year-old figurine which curators thought was lost forever in Orkney

This Neolithic human figurine was found at Skara Brae, in Orkney, in the 1860s. But it was only recently rediscovered during a search of the collections at Skaill House © Stromness Museum / Rebecca...
BY Culture24 29.06.2016

Arms, eyes and masks: Ten chilling exhibits from the Science Museum's World War One Wounded exhibition

Ten million combatants were killed during World War One. Double that number were wounded, with millions left disabled, disfigured or traumatised. Victims and the people who cared for them had to be...
BY Culture24 28.06.2016

Seventeen sculptures are taking over London's Square Mile in a display of heads, "anti-monuments" and more

From huge heads to delicate paper chains, Sculpture in the City is a 17-work takeover of the Square Mile. Here are some of the works to look out for this time Benedetto Pietromarchi, Of Saints and...
Museum of the History of the Mining Industry is the name of Akinfy Demidov 27.06.2016

"My City" - in kindergarten

2016 June 24 on the initiative of representatives of the municipal budget preschool educational institution Zmeinogorsky kindergarten "Birch" our Museum staff held an event on the theme "My City"....