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L'Isola d'Elba a Parigi nel 1867, all'Exposition universelle grazie alla Collezione archeologica di Raffaello Foresi

Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba

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Scoprire il Museo archeologico e minerario di Rio nell'Elba in primavera

Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba

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Elban Minerals Collection from the people of Rio in the Mining District Archaeological Museum

Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba

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Advertising and Art Nouveau in the machine age


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The hurdy-gurdy in Schubert’s “Winterreise”


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BY Culture24 03.08.2016

Object of the Week: An 18th century ivovy dildo hidden for 100 years in a Paris convent

Possibly French in origin and owned by a rich woman during the 18th century, this dildo stands up to inspection in the Science Museum's collection © Science Museum This “exceptional” 18th century...
BY Culture24 04.08.2016

A dozen delightful designs: Twelve of the best classic creations at London's Design Museum

The Design Museum is hoping the public will help raise the final £1 million for its new home by sponsoring their favourite objects. Here are 12 of the best Valentine Typewriter 1969, Ettore Sottsass...
BY EUROPEANA 01.08.2016

‘No bees, no honey; no work, no money’- an introduction to Scottish work songs

Work songs were commonplace in Scotland for hundreds of years and, whatever the activity, there would be a song to accompany it and match the speed at which it was being undertaken. These songs...
BY EUROPEANA 01.08.2016

Look at this woman! Judith makes history

A whole book is devoted to Judith as she is the embodiment of courage, self-sacrifice, and patriotism linked to female beauty. She has always captured the imagination of artists and her story has...
BY Culture24 28.07.2016

Object of the Week: The Jules Rimet trophy lifted by England after their 1966 World Cup triumph

The original World Cup trophy was stolen in Brazil in 1983. Now the England duplicate - created following security concerns - is going on display for one day only at the V&A © National Football...
BY Culture24 27.07.2016

The Odyssey: Florence Welch on the film accompanying Florence & the Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album

Created with Director Vincent Haycock, Florence and the Machine's film, The Odyssey, is a seven-part accompaniment to the band's third album Crowds watching Florence and the Machine's The Odyssey at...
BY Culture24 26.07.2016

"He emanated grace": Bobby Moore's daughter on her father and creating a "beautiful, significant" artwork to celebrate the 1966 World Cup

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of England's World Cup win this Saturday, Bobby Moore's daughter, Roberta, has commissioned a sculpture of the former England captain by renowned Georgiana Anstruther....
BY EUROPEANA 25.07.2016

Maggy’s picks: new content in Europeana

In Europeana, there are over 53 million of artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds from across Europe. And we add new datasets on an ongoing basis. In this new series, we’ll present...
BY Culture24 25.07.2016

11,000 pints of beer: Museum launches appeal to save thousands of coins from political upheaval of 4th century

A hoard from a time of power politics in Roman Yorkshire would have been enough to buy 2,000 fish or pay a labourer for six years Finder David Blakey with the some of the coins from the Wold Newton...
BY Culture24 24.07.2016

Three axes were buried in a field in Wales in an Early Bronze Age ritual gift to the gods

A medieval ring, a 13th or 14th century brooch frame and a 16th century pin have also been declared treasure © National Museum Wales Back in the Arreton phase of the Early Bronze Age, around 3,500...
Maribor Museum of National Liberation 21.07.2016

Dragi Martin (Uroš Dokl)

Dragi Martin, Poletje je v muzeju. Hodniki so tišji, razstave se zdi, da počivajo, sodelavci hodijo po hodnikih mirneje, njihovi koraki so skoraj neslišni. Opazujem, kako spokojno diha hiša. Vsak...
BY Culture24 21.07.2016

Archaeologists have found medieval graffiti deep-carved into Lincoln Cathedral

Archaeologists will look to complete missing parts of the history of the 11th century Lincoln Cathedral after finding two bodies and medieval graffiti © Allen Archaeology Medieval graffiti on the...
Museo de Chiclana 20.07.2016

Taller de arqueología

Comienza a andar en el Museo de Chiclana el taller de arqueología organizado por el Museo de Chiclana que se desarrollará hasta el 29 de julio. Estos talleres son una oferta formativa complementaria...
Museo de Chiclana 20.07.2016

Nueva obra para el Museo

La delegada municipal de Cultura, Pepa Vela acompañada del director del Museo de Chiclana, Jesús Romero, ha expresado públicamente ante los medios de comunicación su agradecimiento a Agustín...
BY Culture24 20.07.2016

Object of the Week: A crumpled glimmer of medieval gold discovered in a field in Wales

A wealth of treasures have been declared by Her Majesty's Coroner in Wales – including important early medieval gold © National Museum of Wales Karina Kucharski, the County Archaeologist for...
BY EUROPEANA 19.07.2016

Art FACES – a new educational game for children

A couple of months ago Europeana organized the Europeana Labs Challenge Fabruary 2016 to try to increase innovative re-use of the digital cultural heritage material available on our website. ...
BY Culture24 16.07.2016

Festival of Archaeology 2016: Eleven events bringing our archaeology to life

It's Festival of Archaeology time with hundreds of events nationwide. Here's a starter for ten (plus one) of events happening across the UK Dig Rothley! Saturday July 23 2016 - Sunday July 24 2016...
BY Culture24 27.07.2016

Grave Encounters: The UK's best heritage cemeteries and graveyards

Despite their macabre nature, cemeteries and graveyards offer a wealth of incredible architecture and captivating stories. Britain holds some of the oldest, and most spectacular in the world and are...
BY Culture24 14.07.2016

“You always find the best stuff on the last day”: Unearthing a medieval tile floor at Westgate Oxford

Archaeologist Ben Ford from Oxford Archaeology on a discovery during the Westgate excavation, which won the Best Archeological Project category at the British Archaeological Awards 2016 The 13th...
BY Culture24 11.07.2016

"Archaeology is pure pleasure": "Britain's Pompeii" and mesolithic pendant among victors at British Archaeological Awards 2016

The British Archaeological Awards have honoured some of the best stories to have come out of Britain's history. Archaeology may be "pure pleasure", but these winners have worked hard The thrilling...