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Mementos of a lost homeland


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Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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60 let z vami - Muzej, to sem jaz

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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What Are You Looking for in Love? Robert Indiana’s LOVE

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Tamo daleko (There, far away)


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BY EUROPEANA 15.05.2017

The Art Nouveau ceramics of Alexandre Bigot (part 1)

One of the Art Nouveau highlights of the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris were the architectural ceramics of French manufacturer Alexandre Bigot. Housed in a pavilion designed by Jules Lavirotte, and...
Azerbaijan State Theatre Museum named after Jafar Jabbarli 11.05.2017

“About the past for the future”

     Repression years of the Soviet Union had touched to Azerbaijani culture too.Hundreds of remarkable  art representatives also had been victims of this regime.For example...
Anwar Elsadat Museum - Bibliotheca Alexandrina 11.05.2017

اليوم العالمي للمتاحف 18 مايو 2017

اليوم العالمي للمتاحف بدأ المجلس العالمي للمتاحف (ICOM) تنظيم الاحتفال باليوم العالمي للمتاحف في سنة 1977م، حيث خرجت الفكرة إلى النور أثناء اجتماع الجمعية العامة للمجلس في موسكو، ويحتفل به سنوياً في...
BY EUROPEANA 09.05.2017

Exciting years – a new web journal explores the visionaries of Art Nouveau

In this guest post for Art Nouveau season, Friederike Fankhänel of the  Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) introduces a fascinating new web journal about the innovators of Jugendstil  (Art...
ICOM-PERÚ (Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares) 08.05.2017

A vuela pluma: Decir lo indecible de los museos

A vuela pluma Decir lo indecible de los museos Eduardo Ugarte y Chocano Vocal del ICOM – Perú   El 18 de este mes de se celebra el Día Internacional de Museos, creado por el Consejo...
ICOM-PERÚ (Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares) 08.05.2017

Unas palabras por el Día Internacional del Museo 2017

Desde 1977 el Consejo Internacional de Museos (ICOM, por sus siglas en inglés) celebra el 18 de mayo en todo el mundo el Día Internacional de los Museos. Cada año se determina un tema que es...
BY EUROPEANA 08.05.2017

Three projects #MadewithEuropeana go crowdfunding. Help them grow!

In collaboration with crowdfunding platform Goteo , we recently launched a match funding call that offers 10,000 EUR to support projects using digital cultural content in secondary education. ...
BY EUROPEANA 04.05.2017

Explore more than a million fashion images on Europeana Fashion

From today on Europeana Fashion , fashions curators, academics, students and enthusiasts can discover and explore more than a million fashion images contributed by nearly 40 museums and fashion...
BY EUROPEANA 03.05.2017

Stories of a seducer – Mozart, the myth of Don Juan and his literary impact

Each month, Europeana Music examines a particular theme from the world of music. For the month of May, Gabriele Fröschl from the Österreichische Mediathek takes a look at the character of Don Juan...
BY EUROPEANA 01.05.2017

Art Nouveau in Aveiro: a walk through the city

In this Art Nouveau season guest post, Andreia Lourenço of Portugal’s Aveiro City Museum  takes us on a guided tour of Aveiro’s finest Art Nouveau buildings. Along the way, he highlights the...
Centro de Interpretación del Vino y la Sal 27.04.2017

Segunda Semana de la Salud

El alcalde de Chiclana, José María Román, presidió el pasado día 24 lunes, el acto de inauguración de la II Semana de la Salud, que se celebró en el Centro de Interpretación del Vino y la Sal. Un...
Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba 24.04.2017

L'Isola d'Elba a Parigi nel 1867, all'Exposition universelle grazie alla Collezione archeologica di Raffaello Foresi

  All'interno del Museo archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba sono esposti anche alcuni reperti archeologici della Collezione di   Raffaello Foresi.  Si  tratta...
Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba 19.04.2017

Scoprire il Museo archeologico e minerario di Rio nell'Elba in primavera

ll  Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario , che si trova a Rio nell’Elba,  è un unicum nel suo genere all'Isola d'Elba perché accompagna gli ospiti alla scoperta della storia e...
Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario di Rio nell'Elba 19.04.2017

Elban Minerals Collection from the people of Rio in the Mining District Archaeological Museum

The collection of the minerals of Elba from the people of Rio was founded in 2002 with the intention to witness the mining activity of eastern Elba and thanks to the commitment of the Municipality of...
BY EUROPEANA 18.04.2017

Advertising and Art Nouveau in the machine age

In today’s #ArtNouveauSeason guest post, Francesc Quílez, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya , describes how commercial artists at the turn of the 20th...
BY EUROPEANA 14.04.2017

The hurdy-gurdy in Schubert’s “Winterreise”

For the month of April, Europeana Music is focusing on the beginning of spring. Or more accurately, the end of winter. Or more accurately still, the end of “Winterreise”...
Slovenian School Museum 14.04.2017

Muzejske in galerijske knjižnice

Muzejske in galerijske knjižnice smo leto 2016 zaključile z brošuro Muzejske in galerijske knjižnice, da bomo imeli boljši vpogled v naše zaklade in bo iskanje lažje. Katalog v PDF odprete s klikom...
BY EUROPEANA 04.04.2017

Galleries – a new way to explore Europeana Collections

With more than 54 millions objects to find in Europeana Collections, there’s a lot to explore. We regularly feature the stories of these objects – whether paintings, photographs, text,...
Museo de Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda 03.04.2017

Cerveza Belga "Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad"

 Conjuntamente a la charla se realizara la exposición de los dibujos en nuestra sede de la Av. Caseros 2739, Buenos Aires, Argentina desde el 18 de mayo al 18 de junio 2017. Despues continuara...
BY EUROPEANA 03.04.2017

Alphonse Mucha, Master of Art Nouveau

In today’s #ArtNouveauSeason guest post, Marie Vítková of the National Museum in Prague tells us the story of how Alphonse Mucha had his artistic breakthrough. In December 1894, the famous...