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Deputy Speaker Addresses Closing Ceremony of 40th International Museum Day at Tibet Museum

The Tibet Museum

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Ediciones Fundación José Cardín Fernández y Grupo El Gaitero

Colección Permanente: Valle, Ballina y Fernández

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American ambassador visited our museum

Maribor Museum of National Liberation

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The Art Nouveau ceramics of Alexandre Bigot (part 2)


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Presentación de nueva muestra

Museo Municipal Pergamino

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BY EUROPEANA 30.08.2016

The Song Legacy of Scottish-Irish Migration

Among the great many cultural connections between Ireland and Scotland, the mutual influence of each nation’s musical and singing traditions on the other is perhaps one of the most interesting. As a...
BY Culture24 25.08.2016

Deprivation and deportation: What the teeth of the soldiers found in a mass grave in Durham can tell us

The teeth of the soldiers discovered in a mass grave in Durham have already given experts an idea of what their lives were like. Dr Pam Graves, of the Department of Archaeology at Durham University,...
BY EUROPEANA 24.08.2016

We’d music sweet to shake our feet: festivals and fair-days in the Irish music tradition

Irish people are often noted for their friendliness and sociability. We relish the opportunity to get together, chat, sing, dance, make music and enjoy ourselves. This is not a modern phenomenon...
BY Culture24 24.08.2016

This test platter was used for group masturbation by an 18th and 19th century gentlemen's club

This test platter, from the University of St Andrews, was at the centre of a bizarre act carried out by Beggar's Benison - a collective in Scotland between 1783 and 1836 © Fairfax House, York The...
BY Culture24 23.08.2016

Archaeologists might have found a Roman oven at a former fort annexe in Scotland

Pottery from northern Gaul and bolt-heads used for target practice have been found at a fort annexe used by civilians and military personnel © GUARD Archaeology Archaeologists say Roman socketed...
BY Culture24 24.08.2016

A huge mysterious structure has been discovered under the largest Neolithic rubbish dump in Scotland

The "sheer size and scale" of a set of huge slabs have surprised archaeologists in one of the final trenches dug at a historic site on an Orkney ness A close-up aerial picture of Trench T at Ness of...
BY EUROPEANA 22.08.2016

8 Moments from Olympic Games History

The 2016 Olympic Games came to a close last night in Rio de Janeiro with an energetic closing ceremony. 2016’s Games saw history being made – first gold medals for nations such as...
BY Culture24 19.08.2016

A century-old First World War minesweeper lies well preserved at the bottom of the sea off the Dorset coast

An untouched World War One vessel has been granted special protection on the seabed of Dorset Diver looking at the engine of the Arfon - the First World War minesweeping trawler which has been given...
BY Culture24 17.08.2016

"Horribly reminiscent of a Paul Hollywood challenge": Archivists reveal recipe by Rebecca Dixon, the Mary Berry of the 19th century

Object of the Week: Britain’s love for baking spans centuries. Records at the University of Leicester’s Special Collections contain tips and tricks for the perfect cake across more than 200 years ©...
BY Culture24 18.08.2016

"It's so grand": Theatre masters Dreamthinkspeak on life in Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens

Taking Blackpool’s listed 19th century Winter Gardens Hotel as their home, theatre-makers Dreamthinkspeak’s new work features a woman who spends 50 years living in the old building until a global...
BY EUROPEANA 16.08.2016

What are men to rocks and mountains?

“What are men to rocks and mountains?” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice Human exploration of and travel through mountains dates back millennia. It’s only in the last few centuries, though,...
BY Culture24 16.08.2016

Archaeologists have found an officers' toilet in a replica German trench made in the Hampshire countryside in World War One

A deep pit where officers could relieve themselves and a brazier for keeping the injured warm have been discovered at a World War One site in Hampshire Wessex Archaeology says a recreation of a...
BY Culture24 15.08.2016

Three of England's oldest shipwrecks can still be seen on sand and mud in Devon

A medieval fishing boat and two 18th century merchant ships on sand and mud have been given protected status A close up of part of the Axe Boat's hull, showing the main structural upright timbers on...
BY Culture24 13.08.2016

Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Could a carbon revolution be about to happen? The first major exhibition on the magical material strongly suggests the future is graphene The UK's first exhibition dedicated to graphene, Wonder...
BY Culture24 14.08.2016

Hunter-gatherer bones at unique Scottish site of human remains shows enduring appeal of prehistoric marine diet

The unique island home of Britain’s only 5th century human remains shows marine diets and large-scale agriculture overlapped in Mesolithic times A selection of bone fragments from Cnoc Coig © Sophy...
BY Culture24 09.08.2016

Thumbpots and roundhouses: Unravelling the mysteries of the Scottish Iron Age with the Whithorn Trust

The Whithorn Trust in Scotland was nominated in the community section of this year’s British Archaeological Awards. The trust’s Graeme Cavers explains why small discoveries can lead to the greatest...
BY Culture24 09.08.2016

Another side of the enigma: David Bowie's tour photographer on a new exhibition featuring unseen portraits

Denis O'Regan was David Bowie's long-term tour photographer. A new tour of 40 of his photos, including many unseen shots, shows Bowie in stadiums, deserts and inspecting his artificial eye ID Cover...
BY Culture24 08.08.2016

French Portrait Drawings: Ten works from the British Museum's upcoming exhibition

Taken from the British Museum’s French portrait drawings, a new exhibition illustrates the power of the medium between the Renaissance and the 19th century François Clouet, Portrait of Catherine de...
BY EUROPEANA 05.08.2016

Viva Rio!

In Europeana, you will find over 53 million artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds from across Europe. But our collections cover more continents than just Europe. So with athletes, media...
BY Culture24 06.08.2016

Archaeologists have found a plunge pool which could have been part of a healthy living fad in the late 19th century

A plunge pool could have been created during a pre-war period when people valued the health benefits of jumping into cold water A 17-month revamp of Delapre Abbey has struck upon a plunge pool for...