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“La Sal Mágica del Caño de Sancti Petri. La leyenda de Ariadna”.

Centro de Interpretación del Vino y la Sal

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Celjski baročni orglarski mojster Janez Frančišek Janeček

Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum

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#AllezLiterature – celebrate the power of poetry


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Graphic Inspiration: Nature and Folk Art in Hungarian Art Nouveau


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Slovak painting in the era of Art Nouveau


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BY EUROPEANA 22.09.2016

‘Miss Mousie’s Ball’ and ‘The ewe with the crooked horn’: animal-related songs and tunes from the Irish music tradition

This blog post was originally released on the Europeana Sounds blog. After a nice journey through Europeana Sounds items related to goats , let’s continue our series on animals and sounds...
BY Culture24 22.09.2016

This is the only surviving artificial leg made in Glasgow for a limbless First World War soldier

In 1916, Sir William Macewan, the Regius Professor of Surgery at the University of Glasgow, used a speech at Glasgow City Chambers to warn that “a generation will pass” before “all the work...
Museums 22.09.2016

Meet the Long Max, the world’s biggest gun of 1917

Today we’re travelling back in time to visit the Great War’s biggest gun of 1917: the Lange Max (or the Long Max in English). Officially named “Battery Pommern”, this German gun, located in...
BY Culture24 21.09.2016

Three men volunteered to defuse 17 unexploded mines dropped over London near the start of the Blitz

The George Cross medal given to Richard Moore, a mine disposal volunteer who helped to seek out 17 unexploded parachutes during five September days in 1940, goes on display today © Museum of London...
BY Culture24 19.09.2016

Roman gold finger ring with intaglio of Roman god Mercury among treasures declared in Wales

A new set of archaeological treasures have just been declared after being found in Wales. Here are three of them A Roman gold finger ring © National Museum Wales This ring has a form typical of the...
BY Culture24 23.09.2016

These extraordinary maps show 50 years of war from both sides of early 20th century conflicts

A new exhibition brings together some of the most important pictorial war maps of the 20th century - including the Boer War, Russian Civil War and two World Wars. Falter (John), USNR, That’s the...
BY EUROPEANA 16.09.2016

Maggy’s picks: Toulouse-Lautrec and Swedish Air Force

It’s time again to share our latest additions! Every day we are adding more objects from museums, libraries, galleries and archives across Europe. So far, in Europeana, you can find over 53...
BY Culture24 16.09.2016

"It costs £8 for a potato": The London locations where Bridget Jones's Baby was filmed

Back in the city for a third outing, the latest Bridget Jones film visits locations it might not have been allowed into back in 2001, say its producers Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth take to the...
BY Culture24 25.09.2016

"It holds vast cosmic forces": Shuttle astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman shows up at Scottish town's science-art exhibition

Jeffrey Hoffman, the five-mission shuttle astronaut and savior of the Hubble Space Telescope, was a surprise visitor to the Merz Gallery, in Sanquhar, for its Landscape of Waves exhibition. The...
BY Culture24 14.09.2016

Object of the Week: Jeremy Bentham’s 184-year-old skin sitting in a box in London

Jeremy Bentham's skin sits inside University College London, the institution he helped found © Wellcome Images and Wellcome Library, London The philosopher Jeremy Bentham could never be accused of...
BY Culture24 14.09.2016

The Victorian Society's Top Ten Endangered buildings of 2016

The Victorian Society reveals its Top Ten endangered buildings of 2016 Old Bute Road Railway Station in Cardiff is just one of many buildings in need of help © David Hilling The Victorian Society...
BY Culture24 19.09.2016

10,000 miles on a dream: Keith Cunningham, the Royal College of Art great whose works were left unseen

A new exhibition in London, Unseen Paintings, is about to reveal some of the works left by artist Keith Cunningham in his studio following his death in 2014. Painting was Cunningham's private...
Museums 12.09.2016

It's Ask a Curator time!

Ask a curator is an all-day event on September 14th 2016 . It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to. It’s open to...
BY Culture24 09.09.2016

Benny Lynch, Scotland's "greatest ever sporting legend", honoured in Glasgow on anniversary of famous win

On September 9 1935, Benny Lynch fought at a tea hall which had been converted into a 7,000-capacity arena in Manchester, and beat his flyweight rival Jackie Brown to become Scotland’s first ever...
BY Culture24 08.09.2016

Tooth enamel of Bedlam burial ground bodies finds first DNA of the bacteria behind the Great Plague

Archaeologists suspected a mass gave within the Bedlam burial ground, where 42 individuals were found last summer, contained victims of Britain’s last bubonic plague. Now five of the 20 individuals...
BY Culture24 12.09.2016

The search is on for Britain's lost public sculptures as Historic England protects five more artworks

A ventilation shaft and a woman carrying a basket of hens on her head are among five artworks given new listed statuses by Historic England, who are continuing their public appeal to find missing...
BY EUROPEANA 06.09.2016

Voices from the past still echo today

While visiting the various regions of France, one might wonder what he might have heard in those places a century ago. [Vendée] : [dessin] / [Bergeron] , National Library of France, Public domain...
BY Culture24 05.09.2016

Winston Churchill's wooden speech box, cow medal and books: Ten things from his Chartwell home

Curators at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's Kent home, have launched a £7.1 million appeal to buy many of his personal items and open more of the property Medallions © John Hammond Churchill received...
BY Culture24 06.09.2016

The typo in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which makes rare first editions worth a fortune

London booksellers Peter Harrington have been inundated with emails since it emerged that a rogue wand, misprinted on a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, could make some...
BY Culture24 02.09.2016

Could archaeologists be about to uncover an early Bronze Age settlement on the cliffs of Seven Sisters?

After a century of searching, a National Trust-backed set of excavations expects to find evidence of the Bronze Age on some of Sussex's most scenic hills The Seven Sisters, with Belle Tout on the...