Museo Teatrale alla Scala

The Museum has been strong modernized in 2017, a great year for all the activities. The most important innovation is the digitalization of large part of the services: an App that has inside a guide of the Museum, the realization of digitalized totems inside of the itinerary and the creation of a location for a Virtual Reality Experience.

One of the highlights of 2018 is the renew of the enlightenment system of the Museum in collaboration with Edison S.p.A. for a project entrust to the Lighting Designer of the Theatre for creating synergy between the Museum and the Theatre.


The relationship with the people is very dynamic thankfully to temporary exhibitions that permit to explore and constantly revisit the collection. In addition to the exhibition aspect, the Museum rooms are also a place to talk about music, art and literature.


For the 18 May 2018 The Museum offer to his customers the opportunity to live the Virtual Experience for free.


For being over-connected with the rest of the world the Museum launch the hashtag of the day that can be use on all the social networks under the photos taken in the museum. The hashtag that you have to use is:



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