Texas Dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered how dinosaur fossils wind up in museums? Join us in the Science Building for a contemporary tale of discovery that begins right here in Texas. It takes a team to find a fossil, unearth it and transport it to a lab for preparation, study it, and finally display it in a museum.

Our team includes paleontologists, students and teachers, engineers, artists, computer scientists, and many others. Each contributes unique skills and enthusiasm to this adventure. Museums are places for sharing, where scientists share the results of their work with the community. Museums are also nurturing places, home for many scientists. Here their research is conceived, funded, supported, and realized. Museums help make discovery possible.

Imagine that you are the first to see something that has not seen the light of day in over 60 million years. On the field expedition, in the MNS Texas Dinosaur - Fossil Dig, you are the explorer. All of the fossil casts you can find in this dig have been unearthed over the past four decades in Big Bend. Now it is your turn… come and explore.

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Exhibitions and events

Paleontology Lab

Permanent exhibition

Upon arrival back at the museum, fossils collected in the field are brought to the fossil preparation laboratory. Here the specimens are carefully removed from the surrounding rock with a variety of...

Lagoon Nature Walk

Permanent exhibition

Funded by a generous grant from the Meadows Foundation, the Leonhardt Lagoon is an ecologically-balanced aquatic community. Visitors are encouraged to explore the lagoon sculpture, discover the...

Putting DNA to work

Permanent exhibition

DNA can be used to detect diseases, improve crops or catch criminals. The information in DNA sequences has been harnessed for a multitude of tasks, but how is DNA put to work? Through interactive...

Flexomornis howei: Oldest Definitive Bird Fossils in North America

Permanent exhibition

Recently an amateur paleontologist, Kris Howe, brought to the attention of the Museum of Nature & Science a very interesting local fossil site. MNS paleontologists were immediately able to determine...

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