Let’s take you back in time, 150 million years ago to be precise… Bristol is now a Jurassic ocean teeming with extraordinary creatures! The biggest and fiercest of all was the huge marine reptile, the pliosaur (Pliosaurus carpenteri). The length of a bus with sharp teeth the size of bananas, four huge flippers and crushingly powerful jaws, the pliosaur was the ultimate predator and would have swam over our city – perhaps where you’re standing right now. There is nothing alive like them today. Dive into the Jurassic deep this summer and come face to face with a giant who was anything but gentle. Will you dare to look inside her mouth or listen to her heartbeat? After going back in time and meeting the beast, we’ll bring you back to the present day to see one of the world’s most complete pliosaur fossils. Discovered in Westbury, Wiltshire in 1994, our internationally significant specimen is the world’s only example of a new species of pliosaur and will be on public display for the first time. Pliosaurs are so big that it took ten years to prepare all the fossils that were found. Aimed at 3-11 year olds, this exhibition offers a range of activities to investigate how this special creature lived and died. With thanks to exhibition sponsors Clifton High School. Name the beast Like all unique museum beasts, our pliosaur needs a name! Could you help us name her? You can vote for your favourite name on our blog. Voting closes on Sunday 12 March 2017.

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