Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism

Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum

The Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, which is the only such museum in the world, has its exhibition material collected from the area of Hungary. It was founded in 1966, and started its operation in the World Heritage Buda Castle, in the building of the former Fortuna Inn, after which the street was also named, where it was in operation until 2005. As of September, 2006, the museum opened its gates at a new location in District V, next to the Szent István bazilika, in a building designed by Béla Lajta (formerly housing the Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank). Now it is placed at Óbuda, in the District III.

Initially the collection of the museum contained only catering-industry relics, which was later extended with a collection of trade history relics. The institution has the functions of an industry history museum, and meets the requirements of specialized-museology.

The museum preserves the past and it serves the future, therefore it is also at the disposal of cultural institutions and of the sectors and schools of the profession. With its special tools it supports programs which reach out to a large number of people and also inspire tourism. The many sided historical representation of the relationship between gastronomy, trade, tourism and culture is an important element of the scientific, educational and general educational activities. It is a special responsibility of the museum to effectively take part in teaching and in further education, as well as to help in career orientation. It supports the broadening of professional knowledge by guided tours, unusual school classes, lectures, contests, etc.

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