Slovenian Fire-Fighter’s Museum of dr. Branko Božič

Slovenski gasilski muzej dr. Branka Božiča

The fire-fighting historical heritage is a constituent part of the Slovenian cultural heritage. The first voluntary fire-fighter’s association in Slovenia was founded in 1869 in Metlika. A century later, in 1969, the Metlika Museum opened the first collections of the Slovenian Fire-Fighter’s Museum named after dr. Branko Božič.

The first part of the exhibition is situated in the former Metlika Cinema, whose gallery and hall host an exhibition of the development of fire-fighting in Slovenia – from the founding of the first fire brigade in 1869 to present days: old fire-fighting gear and the oldest firefighting news letter; also important is one of the oldest fire-fighting regulations published in 1795.

The lower premises present the fire-fighting technical heritage, which is continued in the second part of the exhibition, the pavilion. Visitors can see numerous photographs, different fire-fighting documents, awards and medals and the oldest fire-fighting hose from 1836.

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