Art Museum of the city of Ravenna

MAR - Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna

Currently, the Loggetta Lombardesca is home to the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna, since 2002 the Institution of the Municipality of Ravenna.
With the creation of the Institution, the museum (which was already the Municipal Art Gallery) has relaunched its cultural activities. It has combined the already-consolidated activity of preservation and promotion of the patrimony with a well-structured cultural production, by creating the International Mosaic Documentation Centre, and also an exhibition activity, allowing the results of the most advanced scientific research to be divulged. The museum moves in various directions, in order to investigate art workshops, from the wide topics of contemporaneity in a historical perspective, to the frontiers of emerging creativity and from work to promote the patrimony to the recovery of material culture and manufactured articles.

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Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

La didattica del Museo d'Arte della città


La didattica del Museo d'Arte della città I servizi educativi del Mar offrono l'opportunità di accostarsi alle realtà del museo e diventare così protagonisti del processo creativo. Dagli ateliers...


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