Park of Military History Pivka

Park vojaške zgodovine Pivka

The Park of Military History is a new museum and tourist center that experienced an intensive development over the last couple of years. Various museum exhibits and diverse museum collections offer the visitors a unique insight into the national history as well as the world history.

The Komanda Premise is a former Command Center that nowadays hosts a tourist-information center and a well-stocked museum shop. The multimedia room is placed on the first floor while the second floor was rearranged into an exhibition space. The visitors can rest and lunch in the museum restaurant Kantina Pivka.

The main collection of the Park of Military History is a national tank-artillery collection that comprises tanks and cannons from the 2nd World War, from the period of the Cold War and from the Slovenian liberation war in 1991 as well as the vehicles from the Slovenian Army. The Park has also an aircraft collection; it consists of two fighter aircraft, the American turbojet fighter-bomber F-84 Thunderjet and the Romanian IAR-93 Vultur/Eagle. Aside from that, the visitors will also learn about an interesting story of the helicopter Gazelle TO-001 that happened in 1991, during the Slovenian liberation war.

The sabotage submarine P-913 Zeta is still the most attractive museum exhibit. This small, former Yugoslav submarine can also be seen from the inside. This way, the visitors can learn about the mysterious world of the submariners. A prior reservation of a guided tour of the inside of the submarine in highly recommended.

The visitors can complete their visit in the Park of Military History with a 4-hour walk on the Circular Trail of Military History or with a 1-hour walk on the thematic educational trail to the forts of the Alpine Wall on the Primož hill.

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