Georgi Benkovski's House

Къща - музей Георги Бенковски

In 1843, a pretty wooden house perched on one of Koprivshtiza’s hills and surrounded by green trees and motley flowers witnessed the birth of one Gavril Hlatev. In Bulgarian history he will always be remembered as Gerogi Benkovski – a pseudonym he adopted as an organizer and leader of the April Uprising.

A majestic monument of Georgi Benkovski has been erected near his house, impressive in terms of size and architecture. The design and construction of the monument are work of the architect P. Tatatov and the sculptor H. Tanev.

The sculpture represents Georgi Benkovski mounted on a horse, galloping towards his dream. The monument is situated on a beautiful glade framed by a dense pine forest – a location which affords an excellent view of the whole town in its unique, out of this world beauty.

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