Lyuben Karavelov Museum

Къща - музей Любен Каравелов

A coblestone path leads from the main gate to a pretty yard garden huddled among three houses which took 25 years for local master-builders to erect. The three buildings form a an intriguing architectural ensemble. The oldest house was build in 1810 and was called The Winter House. Both Lyuben Karavelov and Petko Karavelov were born there. The two brothers go down in history as people who had dedicated their whole lives to Bulgaria. Lyuben Karavelov - as a publicist, journalist, revolutionary and writer and Petko Karavelov - as a politician (he was Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of the country).

The second building, completed in 1820, was the storehouse where the family prepared and stored the famous Koprivshtitsa “sudjuk “and “lukanka” ( typical Bulgarian flat sausages with spices). The pine trough where they prepared the meat for the sausages is now a museum exhibit displayed in the yard for visitors to see.

The last to be built was The Summer House where the family lived during the warm months in the year.

The printing press, bought in 1871 from the Serbian National Printing House, is a very interesting exhibit. It was used by Bulgarian revolutionary heros Karavelov, Botev, and Levski to print revolutionary newspapers during the liberation efforts and after Bulgaria received its freedom the First Bulgarian Constitution (the Veliko Turnovo Constitution) was printed on it.

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